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      How Creative2 Developed Its Blog

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      August 26, 2021

      As explored in our recent post on 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Blog, blogs have become a good tool for businesses to offer insight and a deeper connection into a company’s solutions. It’s a great way to give current and potential clients an inside view of the processes that go into getting the work done.

      Whether you’re a client or an interested reader, we want to give you an example of how Creative2 carries out its development process. So this post will give you a basic overview of the development process we used to create this very blog you are reading.

      Design With Development In Mind

      Before we wrote a single line of code for this blog, it needed to be designed. Our elite designers used their imaginative design skills to create the wireframes and designs that were used as blueprints when it came time to bring the blog to life.

      During this phase of the blog ‘s creation, our designers were in communication with the development team so the designs were created in a way that ensured there would be a smooth transition from the design phase to the development phase of the blog’s creation. This open communication between designers and developers also gave our developers some opportunity for input and suggestions into its creation from a development perspective.

      This close relationship between design and development helped to create a more streamlined process that ultimately resulted in a better blog and will benefit the final product we create for you.

      Planning and Preparation

      Once we created the designs, they were handed off to the experienced Creative2 development team to turn the designs into a usable piece of the website.

      Once in the developer’s hands, the blog designs were fully evaluated and the development team came up with a plan of action to most efficiently and effectively bring the designs to life through code. The development team strategized the best coding practices to use and determined the best development tools to use while building the blog.

      Since this blog was an addition to the site, we didn’t start from nothing. But we had to work within the confines of the existing site and come up with the best development strategy to fit this new piece into our site.

      The Development

      One we had the designs and a plan of action, it was time to get to work.

      We had previously developed an excellent custom WordPress theme for the Creative2 site using some of the most up-to-date web development technologies, so this new blog was integrated into the existing environment. Our development team used their extensive development knowledge to build the needed code and utilize the decided upon tools to turn the blog from a model to usable end product.

      QA and Review

      With the coding done, the blog looked solid at a first glance. But we weren’t quite ready to launch.

      First we needed to review and give the new blog a lot of quality assurance, or QA, to guarantee we had the best possible blog for our site. We took a very critical eye to what had been created and made sure the blog was as close to pixel perfect as it was envisioned.

      We employed rigorous testing to make sure we accounted for anything we knew could be an expected issue with the blog, and we also attempted to catch everything that may have been an unexpected issue. We made sure nothing was broken and everything was working as we intended. We checked the blog across multiple browsers and devices that we knew potential users might be reading the blog with — both in desktop and mobile formats.

      We left no stone unturned in our review to make sure the blog was ready to launch.

      Blog Launch

      Once all looked good, it was time to get the blog live on our site.

      We carefully deployed this new addition to the site and did so in a way that would not interrupt any usage of the rest of the site. We also implemented more thorough QA and review at this point to ensure everything was smooth from the launch and everything was properly integrated into the site.

      Development Support

      After all of the developers’ work, the blog went live on the Creative2 site and it continues to be a source of information for our clients and readers. And development of the blog isn’t through.

      As long as the blog lives as part of our site, we’ll need to give the blog development support as needed to keep it properly maintained. Our development team is ready to fix the rare bug and to make any updates that are deemed necessary after launch. As the blog is used and read, there may be periodic development updates that are warranted to improve the experience for readers and blog posters.

      The web is ever changing and our imagination is ever growing, so the work of the developer will always be needed here.


      While this blog was not always part of the Creative2 site, it has become an important tool of ours to give visitors a better sense of who Creative2 is and how thorough we are with our development.

      We treated the blog the same as we would any client’s site, using all the same basic processes — the ones we use to make every client feel like part of the Creative2 family.

      Daniel Eustace
      Daniel is a talented developer that handles ongoing maintenance work and full builds for Creative2 clients of all sizes.