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      How to Brand Your Business With Quality Logo Design

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      August 4, 2022

      Knowing how to brand your business is a skill that intelligent business leaders take seriously. But, what does branding mean to your company? Is branding just the logo, or is it much more than that? 

      Quality branding is what makes your business stand out from the competition. A good brand encompasses all touch-points, creating a lasting connection with customers. In this blog post, we share our best tips on how to brand your business, starting with quality logo design!

      Logo Design Vs. Branding

      Logo design is a branding component that business owners often overlook. Understanding the difference between branding and logo design is essential because they are not synonymous. A logo can be used as one part of your overall branding but shouldn’t be considered the ‘be-all-end-all’ of your brand.

      A logo on its own doesn’t always tell a story about who you are as a business. However, branding through logo design can help convey who you are and what your business is about to the world!

      Branding is how your target audience perceives you. It can be developed through various design elements to portray an individual or company identity that draws customers’ attention, builds trust, and creates a visual piece that customers can quickly identify and resonate with.

      Branding includes both verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as every part of your customer’s experience. 

      Don’t Forget Your Brand Guidelines.

      Brand guidelines create consistency throughout your marketing and include colors, fonts, taglines (i.e., company slogans), images or symbols, and specifically ‘what not to do’ when other design teams work with your brand. 





      For example, this company’s brand guideline may say that a specific blue should be used as the primary color for its logo and will not work with any other scheme or font type. This helps prevent confusion and build an identifiable visual language throughout all design elements of your business!

      A strong understanding of the use of brand guidelines are crucial to creating consistency!


      Designing Your Logo Through Your Values: Step 1

      Identify Your Brand Values

      Designing your logo should be a fun and engaging experience, beginning by identifying your brand values. Brand values concisely summarize what defines a company and reinforce the “why” people should not only buy from you but trust you. To some, this process may seem like a trivial step; but, it’s foundational and must be identified to ensure all subsequent actions and steps align with your brand values.

      Who Do You Work With?: Step Two

      Define Your Target Audience

      Step two is to identify your target audience.  Define in writing who you want to work with, and their needs so subtle creative elements can be built into the design.

      Too often, businesses overlook this step because it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Still, as mentioned before, branding without understanding these key details lead to unintended consequences, such as your business moving forward with a visual representation that your target audience does not feel a connection.

      Designing Your Logo: Step Three

      Concept Creative

      This is the point where you start to get into creative details. The branding of a business should be consistent across the board, and these are the essential decisions that will help make this happen.

      Decide which logotype or style best suits your needs, whether illustrated with flat colors or rich gradients, what fonts work together well, and if the text will be seen alongside any other icons or elements.

      Once this is defined, three-five (sometimes more), concepts are developed to establish a creative baseline in which you and your team can begin to identify what fonts, visual elements, and colors are favorable to your business.


      Why Work With A Professional On Your Logo & Branding Guidelines

      Here at Creative2 we work directly with our clients on all the steps listed above and in a way that makes it fun and engaging.  It is important to us that each and every client walks away with not only a logo design and branding guidelines; but an entire branding package that will serve them for years to come.

      Whether it’s a new logo for a new business or modernization and re-design of an older logo, Creative2’s team has the experience and enthusiasm to make your project a success.