Marnie Custom Homes

Web, Interactive, Branding


Creative2 has worked with Marnie Custom Homes extensively over the years, helping build a presence on the web that tells the story of the company's tremendous growth, as well as the success of its founder, Marnie Oursler.

This has included multiple websites, branding and merchandise.

Edge-to-Edge Parallax

Marnie's corporate website takes an edge-to-edge approach and uses a modern parallax effect for visual appeal as the visitor scrolls.


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Dynamic Showcase

Marnie Homes is one of the most unique beach house builders in the country (enough so to earn Marnie her own show!). The showcase section allows visitors to search and explore each home, sorting by a list of features.

Marnie's Personal Brand

Creative2 also developed a website for Marnie's personal brand. The site tells Marnie's story in a simple and compelling manner, highlighting Marnie's accomplishments while demonstrating through visuals her fun and creative company culture.

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