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      Tell Our Stories


      Tell Our Stories came to us seeking a friendly and engaging website that would feature user-generated content with the goal of enhancing the visibility and downloads of their app.

      “Tell Our Stories is a platform for spreading joy and sharing uplifting stories about the senior care experience – real stories of compassion affecting tens of millions of older adults every day.”

      Engaging Design

      With the logo and brand already established, Creative2’s design team was tasked to make approachable visuals to complement the existing logo and further expand the look and feel of the Tell Our Stories brand. This was achieved by creating unique customized illustrations featuring playful graphics and on-brand colors that set the tone for the website and future Tell Our Stories materials.

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      Custom Illustration

      After launch, the Creative2 design team was asked to develop additional illustrations to accompany important written information on how COVID-19 has affected the senior community. Creative2’s design team furthered the development of the Tell Our Stories brand through creating these custom illustrations that complemented the important message Tell Our Stories was sharing.

      Content-Driven Development

      The main feature of the Tell Our Stories website is the user-generated content showing stories from the app. Creative2’s development team: created an integrated social wall to display Tell Our Stories’ public Facebook Group / mobile app posts directly on the website; implemented an interactive United States map that allows users to select a state to view a number of the state-specific statistics; developed an infinitely scrolling news feed for shared news articles and custom resources tailored by Tell Our Stories; integrated contact/signup forms with MailChimp to assist in gathering an audience for newsletter marketing campaigns; enhanced the overall user experience by implementing smooth scrolling actions and micro animations throughout the site.