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      UTI Tracker


      Creative2 worked with a seasoned urologist to design and develop a mobile app for iOS and Android that helps patients solve recurring urinary tract infection issues. The app allows users to track their behavior and symptoms, and provides recommendations for lifestyle changes and treatment possibilities. There is also a website.

      Personalized Tips and Recommendations

      Patients receive daily personalized tips and recommendations based on their symptoms and lifestyle choices. Over time, the app creates a journal to show patterns that could be leading to UTIs.

      Push Notifications and Reminders

      The app is designed to be a health sidekick, with push notification reminders that help keep patients on track with treatment and behavior changes.

      Patient History

      With minimal effort, the app generates a patient history with a daily calendar that can easily be emailed and reviewed by your doctor.

      Recent Reviews from the App Store

      "Awesome app! Love this app! Great for everyone to prevent UTI's, especially if you're getting them frequently. Makes it super easy to track daily symptoms. Pretty much does it for you, just have to answer the questions it asks in the daily log! Love that it helps show you potential triggers and there are so many great preventative tips. This app makes communication with doctors much easier, and can even help prevent doctor visits. Definitely recommend this for everyone!!!"
      "I just downloaded this app yesterday and I love it. Super user friendly. I have struggled with UTIs for years and love the prevention strategies and helpful hints. Also makes it easy to catalog symptoms and the calendar function allows me to email directly to my doctor. Love the little icon too, made it seem less clinical."

      "Makes my life easier!! Thank you for making this app! I frequently get UTIs and my Dr is always asking me to track activities to see if there are any obvious triggers but I'm lazy and don't. Now I can! I can easily track and then email myself a report to take to my Drs appt. I love the tips too!"